Zero Waste Starter Kit

Jump start your plastic-free lifestyle with this zero waste starter kit. Each kit comes with a french cotton net bag, a set of cotton muslin and mesh produce bags, beeswax cloths, a stainless steel lunchbox, a stainless steel tumbler with straw and bamboo travel utensils. This is a great kit for[…]

Eco Travel Essentials: Laundry Egg

One of our favourite zero-waste travel items is the laundry egg. In this short 3-minute video we show you why we love this sustainable alternative for washing clothes. Eco-friendly travel starts here!

15 Ways To Travel Eco-Friendly

how to become an eco-friendly traveler? these are the 15 ways to become eco-friendly and stop global warming and climate changes and save the world! How to travel eco friendly? eco-friendly travel essentials #travel #eco-friendlytravel #travelessentials

Zero waste travel essentials

Go travel or grocery shopping with this mindful essential net bag and collapsible cup for your hot or cold drinks. Say no to disposable cups and use a reuseable one when ordering your favorite drink at starbucks or your weekly dose of milk tea. #zerowaste #sustainable #mindful